Natgraph Ltd based in the UK is Europe's largest manufacturer of conveyorised dryers utilising forced air, infra red energy and ultra violet radiation.

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Natgraph Ltd is based in the UK and is Europe's largest manufacturer of conveyorised dryers,utilising forced air, infra red energy and ultra violet radiation. These dryers are predominantly used to dry surface coatings applied during the screenprinting process. However, Natgraph's flexibility and continuous improvement ethos means demand for new application solutions are being designed and developed on an ongoing basis.

Established for more than 30 years, Natgraph has installed over 12,000 items of equipment in more than 90 countries.


The company was incorporated in April 1980, having traded as a partnership for some years before. The founding directors still work full time and are entirely committed to the continuing success and development of Natgraph.

The first units were made in and around the homes of the partners, before settling in a converted schoolroom in Mansfield during 1979. Two years later, and with five employees, the hop was made to a 10,000sqft / 930sqm factory in the south Nottinghamshire town of Bunny.

During the mid 80's more and more products were requested from the increasing customer base. Technical problems were welcomed, 'specials' became normal and standard product ranges were established. With demand for the expanding product range, more space was needed and so, the factory unit next door was acquired. The workforce was now over 20.

By the late 80's, the Air Force range of dryers had been introduced. With the regular production of these higher value items, pressure on space increased. Natgraph's purpose built, premises were commissioned adjacent to junction 26 of the M1 motorway, to house Natgraph's complete manufacturing facility and in 1992 the entire workforce, now numbering 40, moved to a new 20,000sqft / 1858sqm unit. The company going from strength to strength and increasing production, this was extended to 35,000sqft / 3251sqm in 2008 with an increased workforce of 50.

With investment in more state of the art production machinery, a new manufacturing facility with room for future expansion and most importantly a committed and enthusiastic, workforce, Natgraph is well prepared to meet and exceed any challenge its exciting future may hold.

The Company

Since its inception in 1980 Natgraph Ltd has designed, developed and manufactured in house over 12,000 pieces of equipment in over 90 countries.

Providing a solution to the demands of increasing production, industries and world wide locations ensure Natgraph's market leading position and success.

The most significant area of development has been in conveyorised drying technology. Natgraph's state of the art dryers, utilising Forced Air, Ultra Violet radiation, Infra Red energy or a combination of all of these, has confirmed Natgraph as the market leader within this field of expertise.

A dedicated and industrious workforce led by the enthusiasm of the working directors makes the Natgraph factory a hive of activity.

Dedicated to continuous improvement in design and manufacture, Natgraphs quality and commitment has been rewarded with new and repeat orders, year on year.

Industrial users have now overtaken the original graphic printers as the main customers base, with more and more technical production and process engineers requesting Natgraph to manufacture equipment against exacting and demanding production specifications. To exceed these requirements, computerised systems have been incorporated into almost all of Natgraph's dryers, with a PLC control system at the heart of Natgraph Dryers, operated via a touch screen unit. Natgraph's experience and design capabilities, with the inclusion of the latest technology ensure delivery of the optimum equipment and production solution, again and again.

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  • September 2017
  • 73
  • 1979
  • £10,500,000

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